How to optimize your LinkedIn profile

Uppdaterat: 4 sep 2019

Our partner and co-founder, Anna Oxenstierna, recently decided to take a course in Social Media Marketing at Stanford Continuous Studies. This week she’s been studying LinkedIn, so we asked her a few questions.

Ok Anna, let’s be honest. How good was your LinkedIn game before this class?

“I have used LinkedIn for many years but I must admit that my knowledge of the network's potential and the available tools for schmoozing and learning were limited. I mostly use LinkedIn as a sort of rolodex (adressbok), looking for people in my network to connect with or checking in on people I meet in business. I had little knowledge on how to optimize my profile, the distinction between newsfeed and pulse, and the importance of teamwork needed between my own and my employees’ profiles in order to get organic reach", admits Anna.

And now, what have you learnt?

“The takeaways from this LinkedIn class is that LinkedIn profiles are extremely important for establishing trust and building your brand. My connections, profile, posting, articles and the groups I follow all build my private brand. For me, this means I should carefully design my LinkedIn profile, taking into consideration my own goals as an entrepreneur, communications consultant or potential board member”, says Anna.

Of course, we want to share some of our best LinkedIn tips with you.

1. Optimize your profile

Your profile should promote you as competent and trustworthy.

- The heading should explain what you can do for the reader. But keep it simple and short! If it’s too complicated recruiters or potential clients might have a hard time finding you.

- Write a short presentation (3-5 sentences) about yourself and what value you can bring to the table in different projects. Consider what you want to be remembered for and what you want your “professional persona” to look like.

  • Have a nice, professional photo. Statistics from LinkedIn show that profiles with a picture get up to 21 times more profile visits and up to 9 times more connection requests, than profiles without a picture.

  • Make sure you have a habit of connecting and interacting with people in your network and that you meet in real life. If you want to improve your network you can use your first level contacts to introduce you to interesting people in their network.

  • Set your profile as public. The more contacts the better, and you don’t have to be friends with all. Perhaps you could connect with people who work at the company you're curious about?

2. Ask your employees or colleagues to update their profiles along the same idea

It’s not just the company profile or your own personal profile that matters. All employees with client contact should have LinkedIn profiles that are up to date and presentable.

3. Follow!

Start following companies and people that are relevant for your business or that you are interested in. Listen, learn and comment.

4. Create and share content

Make sure you write something. A goal could be writing at least one article on PULSE per quarter with insights worthwhile reading. These articles can be based on investigations, reflections, tips & tricks or even curated content.

For Anna, a few of the things above are still on her TO DO list. We look forward to reading her new summary and to see what pictures she'll choose ;)