Anna återvänder till skolbänken

Uppdaterat: 4 sep 2019

Hej Alla!

Alea jacta est - nu är tärningen kastad och jag har återvänt till skolbänken, eller snarare jag har kastat mig in i det globala utbildningsväsendet och skrivit in mig på Stanford för att ta en online-kurs i digital marknadsföring. Jason Mcdonald heter professorn som leder kursen, och jag tänkte dela med mig av mina erfarenheter genom att föra en dagbok här på vår blogg. Really I should do this in english so my professor and fellow students can follow if they like.

Day 1: 28 Oct, 2017

Before event entering the class I had to register and create a profile on Stanford continuing studies. And right there i tripped. How to write a short bio? To be honest I have thought of doing this for a long time since I always have a new twist on my story when presenting myself in business meetings and other gatherings. There is so much to tell, but what is important to arouse an interest? What is my core identity? I have many times thought I should do a anonymous survey on the topic to get the outside impresson, but I guess I am a little afraid of what would stand out. Or is it a question of not wanting to have the ”room for improvement” parts in my face?

Anyway, to solve the BIO-problem for this course I googled ”how to write a bio”, and got twenty examples of brilliant biographies that could serve as an inspiration. Reading all these was really interesting, and made my self esteem shrink a bit. note to self: write multiple books and become asap a keynote speaker.

New biography for Stanford uploaded: When companies launch their business goals and strategies 95 percent of the job remains before value reach stakeholders. My passion is to carve out different communication activities that make these goals come true. I believe successful communication is hard work and in its spirit it is very close to gardening. Everything starts with preparing the soil, making a good groundwork where the grain (idea) can set root, then the gardener has to nurture its plants, taking out the seaweed, and adjusting activities to the weather and season in a never ending cycle. However the climate is changing, and so does communication - challenging old habits.

I started my own communication business 13 years ago. We are specialised on small and mid cap listed B2B-companies and have a turnover of 2 million USD. Before becoming an entrepreneur with ten employees, and hopefully growing, I have held several senior positions within communication. However, my first job was as manager of the Stockholm Golf Club where I learned how to run a small business and how to negotiate with different stakeholders. My connection to Stanford is that I had a scholarship playing on the Stanford golf team. I chose to leave Stanford after my freshman (class of '88) year and to join Stockholm School of Economics instead.